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Slokker, a Family Business, is Established in 1935 Netherlands.


Slokker has earned a well-deserved reputation for its activities in Holland marked by the construction of over 80,000 homes and 27,500,000 sq.ft. of commercial and industrial real estate. Slokker is known for its innovative and leading edge building techniques, its dedication to its customers and clients and its commitment to the social and environmental standards demanded by all those involved in the delivery of quality housing and work space.

Slokker Enters American Market in 1979 Denver Colorado


In 1979, Slokker opened its first office in Denver, Colorado. Since that time, we have partnered with a number of long-standing professionals and completed hundreds of successful real estate projects and community developments. Slokker continues to be opportunistic in light of the US nationwide housing challenges, but of course is doing so with extreme caution and prudence.

Slokker Establishes an Office in 1995 Toronto Ontario.


Slokker entered the Canadian market with an office in Toronto in 1995. Since that time, the activities of this office have involved Slokker in over 14 projects, representing over 4,000 residential units and 90,000 square feet of retail space.

Slokker West is Established in 2007 Calgary Alberta


In 2007, we opened our Slokker-West office in Calgary, Alberta to build multi-family projects in this dynamic, young city of over 1 million residents. To-date, Slokker West has completed 8 multi-family developments and is now involved in 8 more new projects, representing over 2000 residential units.

Calgary Currie Market

Slokker and Calgary's Currie Barracks Historic Redevelopment

The redevelopment of Currie Barracks will see the transformation of this commuter-friendly innercity location. A few redevelopments in the past 20 years spring-to-mind when comparing scope, historical significance, and scale. Vancouver's hugely successful 'Yaletown' redevelopment (which began in 1986) is one such redevelopment. Toronto's 'Distillery District' (circa 2003) is another and, most recently, Calgary's highly publicized East Village is another prized redevelopment of a historic site. Slokker is playing a key development role there and in Currie Barracks. In Currie Barracks, Slokker West is building 175 new condos and townhomes. In the East Village 964 condos are now being developed.

Walkability is now a buzz word for quick, easy access to a host of amenities. Currie's future includes the proposed Currie Market, a streetscape of retail shops, cafes, dining establishments, artisans and specialty food merchants a short stroll from AXESS - Slokker's new condo development at Currie. Proposed community plans will also see a newly reborn Farmers Market onsite offering further walkable shopping convenience for whole foods, fresh local produce and specialty items not far from your front door at AXESS.


Over 80,000 Residences Completed To Date Including:


East Village condos

Calgary's East Village

Developers Fram+Slokker have completed some 80,000 residences in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. In Calgary's East Village, FRAM+Slokker are currently developing several buildings with upscale, contemporary condominiums. Here, at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers where Calgary traces its beginnings, approximately 11,500 future village residents will thrive in a thoroughly modern urban landscape. A master planned community blended with cultural experiences, world class entertainment opportunities, fashionable shops, eclectic dining experiences, top recreation facilities and quick, easy access to nature along the scenic Bow River.

This greatly received, walkable village has become a 'must-visit' destination where Calgarians, the local arts community and visitors to the city are coming to shop, eat, drink, have fun and be entertained. And it is here, at the centre of the East Village, Fram+Slokker is now completing 964 ultra modern innercity condominiums.


With Every Development We Move Our Team's Benchmark
For Top Quality Construction Higher and Higher


More About Slokker

The Slokker Group is characterized by an impressive track record of building homes, the development, construction and management of retail, office, industrial and warehouse space and the creation of successful offices and partnerships in the United States and Canada for more than 30 years.

It has accomplished this by populating its ranks with highly skilled, communicative people who focus on quality thereby ensuring lasting relationships with our buyers, suppliers and industry partners. The Slokker team is perpetually striving to raise the benchmark for top quality construction.

Calgary-based Slokker West, a division of Slokker Real Estate Group has, since 2007, completed 8 successful multi-family developments in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, and Chestermere. Soon to be moving into our own new offices in trendy Inglewood (next door to Calgary's East Village), we're continuing to build top quality homes in many of Alberta's most popular neighbourhoods. Key developments in Calgary's Currie Barracks, Edmonton's Griesbach community and throughout greater Calgary are continuing to win praise from our buyers and our industry partners.


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Our Alberta Developments To Date

Condominums and Townhomes

With more than 1500 completed townhomes, condominiums and single family homes in Southern Alberta, Slokker has a successful local history to be proud of.
Currently Slokker has another 650 new homes under development including AXESS at Calgary's Currie Barracks.
Other prime locations include Edmonton, Airdrie, St. Albert and Cochrane Alberta.